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    Data Quality Improvement for Enterprise Asset Management
    Engineering and Contracting Services

    Maintaining accurate and high quality data records is critical to the success any enterprise asset management strategy.

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    Geospatial Analysis of Mobile Telecommunications Signals
    Mobile Telecommunications

    In large capital investment projects it is always important to gain access to reliable evidence to support investment decisions.

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    Natural Language Processing for Email Automation

    One of the key differentiators of value in the retail sector, especially e-commerce, involves delivering high quality customer service expereinces.

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    Predicting Social Media Engagement for News Articles & Digital Content

    It is becoming increasingly important for media companies to deliver content that strengthens engagement with their audience.

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    Predicting and Reducing Exposure to Non-Performing Loans in Emerging Markets

    One of the key differentiators of good governance performance in the banking sector is effective credit risk management and customer service.

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    Predictive Maintenance for Railway Tracks
    Industrial Transportation

    One of the largest controllable expenditures in railway asset management relates to maintenance engineering.

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    Pricing Risk Premiums in Supply Chain Finance
    Financial Services

    One of the most accessible and cheapest forms of finance in business is supply chain finance - used to improve cash flow performance.

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    Statistical Speech Recognition for Virtual Assistants
    Financial Services

    Advanced data analytics and natural language processing techniques are becoming a key focal point for investment banks and brokerage firms.




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