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21 May 2020


This statement is made pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out steps Authentic Evidence Limited is taking to detect and eliminate any occurrences of modern slavery, forced child labour and human trafficking in society.


Authentic Evidence Limited is an employee owned data science and software engineering business that helps organisations harness the combined power of data science, software engineering and open-source technologies to overcome their most complex and critical challenges.

We are committed to a culture that values ethical leadership, social equity policies, evidence based research and collaborative innovation. Our team is driven by a need to empower people with the analytical evidence and technological tools they need to make better decisions about their future. Our mission is to become the most trusted data analytics and technology services business for our clients. Through our mission, we aim to accelerate the pace of technological progress and create inspiring jobs for the future.


As a business, we work closely with subject matter experts to implement policies and systems that make it easy for any of our employees, clients, suppliers, or agents within our supply chain to report instances of modern slavery, forced child labour and human trafficking. We have implemented best practice policies that emphasise the importance of continuous due diligence within our entire supply chain to ensure that the fundamental human rights of all people are protected.


As a supplier of information and technology services, our exposure to instances of modern slavery is relatively low. Our supply chains include suppliers of technology hardware and software; suppliers office supplies and equipment; suppliers of event spaces and hospitality for meetings, conferences, and general business travel; professional services from travel agents, lawyers, accountants, and other professional services; office cleaning, catering, and other office facilities services; and recruitment and employment agencies. We only seek to deal with suppliers that share our commitment to eliminating instances of modern slavery, forced child labour and human trafficking in society.


During the financial year ending 30 September 2019 we reviewed and maintained an Ethical Leadership Policy, which expresses our commitment to ethical governance as well as our fundamental opposition to modern slavery, forced child labour and human trafficking.

We reviewed and maintained our overall risk assessment of our supply chains to identify areas that might be at risk of exposure to modern slavery, forced child labour and human trafficking. 
We introduced our Code of Conduct, which explicitly prohibits any individual from engaging in behaviour that undermines fair competition, including prohibitions against forced, compulsory, and child labour in our supply chains.

We remain committed to improving our practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking and continue to keep under review and monitor the operation of our business to ensure instances of modern slavery and human trafficking do not take place.

This statement has been approved for and on behalf of the members of Authentic Evidence Limited.

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